Fizzy Drink Dilemma…Solved!

Just a quick blog post today to cover a notable topic that affects many of us.

I was watching a programme last night with someone on it guzzling down on a can of Coca-Cola…queue a short but notable pang of longing.

I even remembered this wildly popular info-graphic, but it didn’t really help at the time:


Surely the cravings for naughty foods and drinks should disappear once you have studied and established their potential health implications and negligent nutritional value? No! Not really – not always.

Anyway, this led to me continuing a bit of research on a healthier alternative to the standard soft drinks.

Mainly because the combination of sugar (or the more regularly used and cheaper equivalent – high fructose corn syrup) and caffeine makes for an addictive combination and a habit that is hard to kick.

This probably explains why I see many commuters drinking their favourite fizzy drinks in the morning on their way to work (I hope you’re not one of them?)

The diet versions are not any better, full of artificial sweeteners with not enough scientific research to back up whether they are actually safe for us to consume on a long-term basis. (Not to mention the much harsher effects of isolated caffeine content, but this is enough waffling for one post – much better to get caffeine in its natural state, a good old cup of coffee – see my previous post on this subject).

The fruit juice based carbonated drinks found at most health food shops are a step up…but not brilliant, since the amount of fruit sugars are usually still at a comparable level to the standard soft drinks with added sugar.

So what to drink? How about this……ZEVIA! Looks pretty good – a soft drink containing the zero calorie natural sweetener, Stevia. So if you’re going to have a fizzy drink, then make it this one. I regularly use Stevia in my baking and as a sugar alternative – it has zero effect on blood sugar and insulin levels and the research so far is very positive.

Obviously, it goes without saying that water is a better option but let’s be realistic here, a craving is a craving. 😉


You can buy them in 15 different flavours on Amazon – or check out their website for further information:

Now I just need to find healthier alternatives to croissants and white wine and that’s a pretty good day’s work for me. 😉

Let me know your feedback! I love reading your comments.



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