Protein Bars (No Baking Required)

Making your own protein bars is easy (no baking required!) and a much healthier and cheaper alternative to pre-made ones, which are often full of artificial sweeteners.

Ensuring you are eating enough protein is vital for muscle and tissue development, metabolism, energy levels and immune system.

This recipe is one of the best I have found – it only requires four ingredients and take ten minutes! They make a perfect snack on the go, or before/after a workout.


Once prepared, you can store them in the freezer wrapped in foil and pop one in your bag for a quick snack when needed.

You can replace the peanut butter with any other nut butter you like for a bit of variation, or add a tablespoon of honey if you are using an unflavoured protein powder.

This is how my batch of protein bars turned out this week – I also added a few cacao nibs for an extra chocolate hit:


Let me know how you get on!

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